You can still pre-order your PS5 here, but it’s not cheap

In a world of uncertainties about PlayStation 5 warranty, one site comes to us when needed.

Truly Exquisite is currently the only site that can secure pre-orders for PlayStation consoles, but if that doesn’t seem to be true, that’s why. As reported earlier this year, luxury brands have worked with Sony to produce sold-out consoles with glitz, charm, and gold (literally 24 carats of gold).

It is said that orders for this time will be shipped in February, but are we still accepting pre-orders for ridiculously luxurious devices, and are very patient people very wealthy?

At this time, you can win a Gold PS5 for £ 7999 to £ 8099, a Rose Gold Console for £ 8099 to £ 8199, and a Platinum Console for £ 8199 to £ 8299 and pay an additional dosh. I’m looking for a disk version of the console, but looking at these prices, Scalper looks like a philanthropist.

Gold Console stock is currently limited, so if you’re a Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia reading this, a big business tycoon, or if you’re really lucky with a scratcher, go to https: // www. As soon as possible.

Or, if you’re like a writer and you’re not completely blessed with zeros in your bank account (to the right of the decimal point), you’ll have to wait.

do not be afraid. PlayStation appeared on Twitter and promised to increase retailer quotas by the end of the year.

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You Can Still Preorder Your PS5 Here, But It Won’t Be Cheap

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