You can try GeForce Now’s sneaky iOS Safari workaround •

And Fortnite is working.

GeForce Now has released a beta version of a game streaming service that you can play on your iPhone and iPad within Apple’s Safari browser.

This option acts as a workaround for Apple’s policy of prohibiting individual apps that stream their own games and also blocking the launch of the iPhone for Microsoft’s xCloud.

Apple says it wants games played on iPhones and iPads to be released through its own App Store, which allows games to be rated and reviewed before launch, allowing Apple to reduce that.

You can avoid all of this by streaming the game directly from within your browser. This is what I said earlier that both Microsoft and GeForce Now are investigating to get around Apple’s limitations.

For now, you can play some GeForce Now games on your iPhone and iPad while the service is in beta testing. These include Trials Rising, Runescape, Elite Dangerous, Poker Club, Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead and Bee Simulator.

But it’s also the way Epic Games plans to restart Fortnite on the iPhone, and the ongoing and more difficult court battle with Apple continues.

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“We’re working with a great team at Epic Games to enable a touch-friendly version of Fortnite, which slows down game availability,” GeForce Now said today.

“The GeForce Now library provides the best mobile experience with gamepads, but Touch is the way more than 100 million Fortnite gamers paved the way for Victory Royale, fighting and dancing. , Cloud Streaming Fortnite is looking forward to providing a mobile experience. GeForce Now. Members will soon be able to find games in iOS Safari. “

You can try GeForce Now for free, but the session length is limited to one hour. The paid tier unlocks extended sessions and RTX.

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