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former Germany Jürgen Klinsmann warned the players that they should hide at home for the next few days. Shocking World Cup qualifying defeat against North Macedonia on Wednesday.

Four-time world champion Germany lost to its 65th-ranked opponent in the World Cup qualifiers for the first time in 20 years.

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Leading Germany to 3rd place at the 2006 World Cup We The men’s national team from 2011 to 2016 said it was good that the match was played without fans.

“They would have booed you outdoors, there’s no doubt about it,” he told ESPN. “Imagine a World Cup qualifier with 60-80,000 fans at home. You lose to North Macedonia.

“For a power plant like Germany, England, Italy Or Spain, When such a thing happens, people will let you know.

“But tomorrow I’m sure there are no players in Germany going to bakeries or butchers, because they hear it every way, so it’s better to hide at home for a few days before going out again.”

Chelsea striker Timo Werner was Criticism from German coach Joachim Lo It was a short-distance mistake during the match, but former striker Klinsmann was more sympathetic.

“When you had two or three things in your head, you weren’t doing the situation and he was nervous when he got the ball,” Klinsmann said. “He knew he had to put the ball blindly. There was a 99% chance he would do it, but at that moment he thought too much about the situation and missed it.

“We all miss this kind of opportunity. The problem is the moment we missed it. Is it really a less important game? Maybe you already have a goal and miss such a situation More and more, and no big deal.

“But it’s a World Cup qualifying where all the points are important, so if you miss it that way, obviously he’ll get angry with himself, he probably won’t sleep tonight.

“He feels him and really feels him because he has already been in a difficult situation in Chelsea for the past few weeks.”

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“You should hide in your house” after the shock WCQ defeat “You should hide in your house” after the shock WCQ defeat

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