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New Orleans-It wasn’t clean. For this victory 31-6 score May show.Quarterback Josh Allen Threw two intercepts and cornerbacks, including his first in the red zone of his career Toledavius ​​White I left the game with a knee injury.

But nevertheless, it was enough for an explosive victory New Orleans Saints Bring Buffalo BillsRecord on ‘7-4.Still play two games in a crowded AFC New England Patriots, Bills need every victory they can get, and this was dominant in all three phases against the smashed saint team.

Unfortunately, Bills had a balanced success in the air and on the ground, which was lacking this season. The team finished with 9 rush first downs and 11 pass first downs. Buffalo controlled the game by controlling possession time and avoiding penalties. It ended in just four, one more than the fewest in the game this season.

After throwing both intercepts in the second quarter, Allen led Buffalo on a continuous touchdown drive, starting the second half and establishing a four-score lead including: Dawson KnoxSecond touchdown at night. Knox set the record for the most touchdown receptions (7) by the Bills Tight End of the season with a second score.

The biggest issue going forward is the health of White, one of the best players on the team who is still aiming to run the deep playoffs. A successful defense in New Orleans kept Saints down to a 190-yard attack, but if he missed a significant amount of time, one of the league’s top defenses would be a big hit.

Buffalo wants White to recover quickly, giving him 11 days to prepare for the Monday night confrontation with the Patriots.

Breakdown of QB: Allen threw two annoying intercepts, but otherwise he played a great game-finished with the highest completion rate of his career (82.1). He completed 23 out of 28 passes at 260 yards, with 4 touchdown passes and 2 picks. He also ran 43 yards with eight carries.

Allen’s recent interception is a problem that needs to be fixed. They did not hurt the saints, but there was a tendency to be concerned. According to ESPN Stats & Info, Allen was the first in his career to throw intercepts for four consecutive games. Fortunately, he can play at a high level even if he makes a mistake, but he must prioritize limiting the mistake.

Buy at Performance: How about running back Matt Braida?? The bill could not find consistency in the field, Zack Moss Inactive, with braider Devin Single Tally Succeeded. Braida finished with 9 carries at 26 yards, 2 receptions and scores at 29 yards, and a single tally with 15 carries at a height of 44 yards, bringing the Bills rushyard to 113.

Needless to say, they did that for the NFL’s Third Land Defense.

Braider may not have had a spectacular performance on paper, but Buffalo simply needs to show that he can play football and will integrate that into future attacks. Think of Thursday as a step in the right direction.

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You’ll need Buffalo Bills, but you could win to keep pace with AFC-Buffalo Bills Blog You’ll need Buffalo Bills, but you could win to keep pace with AFC-Buffalo Bills Blog

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