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Young entrepreneur shares her journey to achieve the perfect “furan”

At some point in our lives we tried but failed. After all, we keep the promise of the saying, “Try until you succeed.” But how determined and tenacious can you try things until you succeed? Can you be like this young entrepreneur who has already tried 14 times before discovering the perfect “franc” of life?

Princess San Diego I’m an entrepreneur. She set out to sell car accessories, gadgets, clothing, fashion accessories, dietary supplements and homemade food. She also tried running hamburger joints, chicken wings joints, and barbecue joints. Unfortunately, not all of these businesses thrived.

“Whenever my business fails, I ask God,” What is your plan for me? “Shared by the Princess.

What is your franc

image: Facebook / What’s your FLAN-Main

That idea came to her when she had already abandoned her entrepreneurial spirit and was thinking of getting a job in education. She said, “Why don’t you make a flavor flan? She started with matcha, which was popular at the time.

“My matcha flan was a huge hit among my family and friends,” she said.

When things are finally falling in the right place, she’s her 15th try it. “What is your franc?” Is born.

Peruvian francs were one of her bestsellers when she was just starting out. Although her business has been around for three years now, she now offers 90 flavors of custard-based desserts. In addition, she expanded to cake flan and gelato.

“These are now available in different parts of the country and around the world through 200 franchisees nationwide and international franchisees based in Canada,” said the entrepreneur.

image: Facebook / What’s your FLAN-Main

Trade tips

With her success, the princess shares important lessons about her business that she learned along the way.

“Food safety and preparation are very important for producing high quality products. As a food entrepreneur, as a food entrepreneur, we satisfy most of the tastes of everyone, or at least our customers, because the taste is subjective. You should be able to come up with flavors and products, “she said.

When it comes to competition, Princess’s advice is to never stop making new things, be innovative and always have room for improvement.

Young entrepreneur shares her journey to achieve the perfect “furan”

https://www./young-entrepreneur-shares-her-journey-towards-achieving-the-perfect-flan-20201220/ Young entrepreneur shares her journey to achieve the perfect “furan”

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