Your sanity with a healthy mind question; appeared on PS5 in 2021

You may be looking for a creepy game this weekend, but next year we’re starting to hear about scary games. Psycho horror game In Sound Mind today dropped a story trailer showing a loose understanding of reality. You play as a psychologist named Desmond who feels something is wrong. He sees strange symptoms that distort the world.

His ex-patient had the same symptoms. To reveal the truth, he begins listening to audio from a treatment session with a patient who has now died. Instead of providing a sense of calm, that same audio distorts his perception and gives him some wild scenery.

You can see his first-person view in the trailer, but you can also play the demo from the first chapter of Steam. Not as good as playing on a PS5, but you can try the demo today. The full game will not be available until sometime in 2021, but it’s never too early to plan to play a new scary game.

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In Sound Mind Questions Your Sanity; Coming to PS5 in 2021

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