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PristynCare, a modern healthcare aggregator, has two national television commercials for Hindi-speaking viewers and Tamil and Telugu, in line with the idea of ​​”simplifying” the surgical experience for all patients. Was expanded. And a Kannada-speaking audience. The main purpose of commercials is to raise awareness of the Gurgaon-based healthcare provider’s idea of ​​making surgery easier for patients, and therefore they should not delay treatment.

“Simple” quotient

India’s healthcare sector has some gaps in both private and government healthcare. Due to these gaps, patient treatment continues to be delayed spontaneously or involuntarily. Ultimately, patients (including their families) continue to have pain and discomfort.

Getting treatment for a particular illness is a fairly burdensome and stressful process in India, especially if it is surgery. Patients considering medical treatment, including outpatients, are often suspicious when they learn about the additional hardships and obstacles they must encounter before surgery. In most cases, they withdraw at the last moment after considering some hurdles to go through, such as booking reservations and arranging transportation services.

Through this commercial, Pristyn Care brings the motto of ensuring a hassle-free surgical experience by caring for the end-to-end patient’s journey and providing assistance at each step. This makes the entire patient experience stress-free and simple.

A few months ago, the company launched a digital film that focused on the idea of ​​Smit Laguavan playing the leading role in simplifying the patient’s experience. For the same purpose, advertising revolves around “simple uncles” who have simple solutions to problems that individuals encounter in their daily lives. The company pulled in two major actors, Vinay Pathak and Ashish Vidialti, from their acting buddies to act as a “simple uncle.” Vinay Pathak acts as a simple uncle for a Hindi-speaking audience. Meanwhile, Ashish Vidiarti is appearing in what was prepared for the southern audience base.

“Simple Uncle” is a wise middle-aged Indian who is ready to use, but has instant access to effective answers in all difficult situations. Both Vinay Pathak and Ashish Vidyarthi agree with this description and are suitable for this role.

The protagonist, Simple Uncle, embodies the idea of ​​simplifying the hassle of a patient’s surgical journey, which is the main focus of a multidisciplinary clinic chain. Having an “easy” answer to every difficulty is what TV advertising is trying to portray through different scenes.

About Pristine Care

Pristyn Care is a new era healthcare company focused on simplifying the entire surgical process for patients and their attendants by providing care and assistance at every step.

Pristyn Care provides a patient experience, from finding the right doctor to making appointments at the clinic, conducting detailed diagnostics, booking examinations at the diagnostic center, performing insurance paperwork, and commuting from home to the hospital. I guarantee. Back on the day of surgery, hospital admission-the discharge process, and post-surgery follow-up consultation-no hassle and full of care.

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