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This year was a crazy year. What I expected to work at home for two weeks was a never-ending Zoom meeting. Today, many companies are turning the corner for performance evaluation. If the performance evaluation wasn’t wrong before, it’s definitely different now. Here are some tips for a successful telecommuting review.

First of all, your evaluation is important. Often we consider it a retrofit. We do all the other work as if it were a real priority and treat the reviews as optional. it’s not. Treat your performance evaluation as you would treat a project for the CEO of your company. In your world, you are the CEO of your career. And your review is important to your future career.

Don’t wait for your boss to tell you what to do. Take the initiative. Ask your boss about setting up a review. After that, please prepare in advance. This sets a positive stage.

Please do your own self-assessment prior to your boss’s assessment. Review your performance goals and write down why you think they deserve a particular score. If you are using a computer system with limited flexibility, it is recommended that you score yourself and create another presentation that explains in more detail.

In your self-assessment, explain the general reasons you think you deserve a particular score. Then dive into the details. Include indicators, if any. If you can show the rate of increase in the results, show it. If you completed the project earlier than planned, say so. If you want to give another presentation, you can also include a photo of your work. For example, if you helped redesign your website, you can include screenshots of your new website. Share not only how you achieved your goals, but also how you went up and down in a pandemic environment.

Be aware of what you look like on your rating day. If you worked with sweat and a hat every day, it’s time to go back to business casual. Hair is styled to create an appearance that is generally comfortable to present in the pre-COVID period.

Make sure you are in time for your review. In fact, it’s a good idea to log in to Zoom a few minutes early to make sure your sound and video are working properly. To make your camera look good, you can place your laptop on top of a book to increase its height. And double-check that your lighting looks good.

If your boss suggests an area to improve or gives you a lower score than you want, take that step. We can always get better. Also, when the review is complete, use it to update your resume. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020, it can happen.

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Happy hunting!

Angela Copeland

Your WFH Performance Rating-Copeland Coaching Your WFH Performance Rating-Copeland Coaching

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