YouTube plans to enhance game support with more features and funding

YouTube has announced new statistics on game content and plans to grow its market on the platform in the near future. This year, over 800 billion game-related views, over 90 million hours of livestreaming, and over 250 million uploads were recorded in the first half of 2021 and have grown tremendously.

According to Ryan Wyatt, Global Head of Games on YouTube, plans to expand the streaming platform include investing in content creators such as Dr. Lupo and TimTheTatMan, and continued support for esports through events such as Minecraft Championships Pride 2021. And the continuation of short promotions. Make a video with the $ 100 million Shorts Fund.

YouTube will also continue to develop live redirects for games that allow viewers to discover live content, add monetization options, expand the options available in chat, and send viewers to other streams. We will work on creating useful new tools.

“YouTube Gaming recognizes that content creators will be more important to game developers over the next five years,” Wyatt explained in a blog post. “We’re no longer delivering games to creators when marketing support is needed at launch. They exist as true partners, influencing creative direction, features, and formats.”

As Twitch, the biggest competitor in the field, YouTube is in a great position to grow the gaming community and faces some unique challenges. The platform added more tools to help users fight the “attack of hatred” after a lot of publicity from the community, with Dr. Lupo and TimTheTatMan mentioned above rushing to join YouTube.

Another YouTube rival in this area is Facebook, which announced its own plans this week to spend $ 10 billion on the development of the Metaverse. With thousands of people working on this concept, Facebook’s parent group will rebrand itself to Meta and begin working to become more than just a social media company.

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