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YouTube teases the expansion of livestream shopping with collaborative streams and live redirects – TechCrunch

In recent years, YouTube has been working to transform its platform into more shopping destinations with the launch of products such as: Shoppable ads Or more recently Buy directly from live stream Sponsored by the creator. Currently, investments with new features for the live shopping experience are being promoted.At yesterday’s YouTube Brandcast event, the company became an advertiser A better place for their TV advertising dollarsYouTube teased up future features that claim to make it easier for viewers to find and buy brands.

The company advertised future tools as providing advertisers with a better way to attract and connect with viewers.

One new feature described by YouTube allows two creators to live at the same time and co-host one live shopping stream. This could effectively double the draw of the event as each creator brings their own fan base to the stream.

This feature will appear shortly after YouTube Announced in March A pilot program called “Go Live Together”. This is a new mobile collaboration streaming feature that allows creators to invite guests to a live stream using a link before they livestream together. This trial suggested that YouTube is looking to develop tools that will make collaborative live streams more powerful. This is the same as planning to introduce it in the upcoming two live shopping streams. This addition has the potential to make YouTube and Instagram more competitive. Creators who live stream with up to 3 people last year.

YouTube’s shopping live stream platform not only leverages creators to increase the audience for live shopping events, but also offers other tools specifically designed to increase sales.With a brand-integrated shopping experience, viewers actually Buy the product shown in the video Tap the built-in Show Products button to see a list of items introduced by the author.

According to the company, the new two-person live shopping feature will be rolled out later this year.

Another upcoming option announced at Brandcast is what YouTube calls “live redirects.”

In this case, the creator will start a shopping live stream on their channel and redirect the viewer to the brand’s channel so that fans can continue to watch. This will allow brands to harness the power of the creator’s platform to reach their fan base, but will also give the brand access to its audience and provide key indicators and analytics related to live events on their YouTube channel. It will be available directly. YouTube says this will also be rolled out later this year, but it doesn’t offer a time frame.

YouTube announcement Broader growth Overview of the US Live E-Commerce Market — Trends Inspired by Rising Livestream Shopping Activities in China That Streamers Can Pull For billions of dollars in a few hours.. Today, many startups are also entering the field, including: TalkShopLive, PopShop Live, NTWRK, Nothing, ShopShops, Super wonderful others. I also added Klarna A virtual shopping feature for connecting customers who buy now and pay later to live product demos from retail partners.

Retailers are also participating in this action. Nordstrom launches Live event platform, Forever 21 When Macy’s It’s one of the additions to live shopping in the app.

Big Tech platforms, on the other hand, are attracting brands by marketing a wider range.

We’ve seen it for the past year or so Walmart pilot tests TikTok’s first livestreaming shopping Experience; Facebook live shopping boosts brand sales such as: PetcoBenefits, Samsung, Anne Klein When others; And host Instagram live shopping events Corresponds to the congestion on holidays. I also started Twitter Test live stream shoppingAnd with Wal-Mart’s support in a pilot run, it’s unclear where such an initiative will land if the acquisition of Elon Musk is realized.

YouTube is certainly one of the biggest creator platforms for video, but there are some signs that live stream shopping needs to catch up with big tech rivals. EMarketer Survey from January 2022 Only 14.4% of survey respondents said the YouTube platform prompted purchases during livestream events, compared to 15.8% for TikTok, 45.8% for Instagram, and 57.8% for Facebook.

Image credit: eMarketer / Insider Intelligence

YouTube’s new live stream features, especially the ability to push creators’ fan base to branded channels, can make the solution even more appealing.

“People go to YouTube every day to decide what to buy. 87% of viewers buy what if they have all the information when shopping or browsing on YouTube. Susan Wojcski, CEO of YouTube, told the audience at a live event of the brand cast last night: “YouTube already has a lot of shopping activity. This makes it easier for viewers to find and buy, “she says.

YouTube teases the expansion of livestream shopping with collaborative streams and live redirects – TechCrunch YouTube teases the expansion of livestream shopping with collaborative streams and live redirects – TechCrunch

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