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YouTube’s experimental tools for creators simplify keyword research and identify content gaps

YouTube Search Insights is an experimental feature that allows creators to view search data, such as queries that direct viewers to videos and query data for the entire YouTube viewer. You can also identify content gaps (if you can’t find the exact content your viewers are looking for). Search Insights Presentation YouTube Creator Insider Channel on Thursday, November 25, 2021. The company does not provide a timeline for deployment.

The new features are spread across two tabs within YouTube Insights: Search Viewers and Search Entire YouTube.

Why do you care? This experimental feature provides keyword data for brands and creators. You can use this data to focus on your audience’s interests and assess your interest in any topic across your YouTube user base. It also provides data on how important these keywords are to overall views. And if it works, the Content Gap feature could further streamline your workflow by simply highlighting the content opportunities that YouTube has identified.

With the widespread availability of YouTube Search Insights, brands and creators will be able to use it to improve their content planning and create videos that are more relevant to their viewers.

Search for viewers. [視聴者の検索]The tabs (shown below) show the top searches from viewers or similar channels. A YouTube-wide search volume for this term is also available, but is commonly referred to as low, medium, and high.

“Search for viewers” in YouTube Insights. Image: Creator Insider.

Creators can also see how many views a channel has received in a particular query (this data is only available for the last 28 days).

Search the entire YouTube. This tab goes beyond the viewers of the channel itself, allowing creators to explore the search across YouTube viewers. This data is searchable, so authors can enter, for example, “Chromebook” to see the most popular keywords that viewers are using to find Chromebook-related content.

“Search the entire YouTube” in YouTube Insight. Image: Creator Insider.

[視聴者の検索]Similar to tabs, the search volume is displayed as high, medium, and low, and the viewing data received by the channel from these terms is only available for the last 28 days.

Content gap. “We’re also testing a new concept called the content gap. If the viewer can’t find the information they’re looking for, the search is a content gap,” said Alina Verbenchuk of Creator Insider. Content gaps can include cases where users are unable to find the results of a particular query, or the content they find is of poor quality, she provided as an example. If applicable, the content gap label will appear next to the keyword (as described above), and the content gap filter will be available in both the YouTube-wide search and the viewer search tabs.

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YouTube’s experimental tools for creators simplify keyword research and identify content gaps YouTube’s experimental tools for creators simplify keyword research and identify content gaps

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