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Carlin’s boss, Trevor Carlin, has seen Tsunoda become the 27th driver to graduate his team to an F1 race seat. He thinks the Japanese will shine.

“He is absolutely delighted to work with him,” Carlin said. “He had only one season, but he did more than we expected.

“Time tells us where he gets in the hierarchy, but I think he has a very exciting future in front of him, and unless he’s overwhelmed by the F1 environment, he’s in the land. I don’t know why it can’t be compared [Norris] Doing, and you never know, he could have a little of Max [Verstappen] In him.

“The speed at which he learns and understands the car, he has a natural ability, so it’s only if he adjusts it for each championship and keeps it going.

“If he picks up F1 as fast as he picks up F2, I think he will give Pierre a good run for his money when they return to Europe.”

Kakuda will step up to F1 after finishing 3rd in F2. This is one position lower than Carlin’s previous F2 to F1 graduate Norris, who achieved in 2018 before the rookie season with McLaren.

Carlin says Kakuda is as ready to challenge F1 as Norris was in 2019.

“Of course, there is no doubt,” he said. “He’s a bit inexperienced compared to Rand, but there’s an understanding of his overall pace and driving a racing car. He’s definitely ready to go.

“The relationship with Yuki is that he learns very fast. With F1, you can actually practice much more than F2. Although he has to go to many new tracks. He didn’t seem to have any problems speeding up – for example, Sochi was fast.

“I’m very hopeful. I think he’ll have some incidents in the first few rounds, but when it’s over, he could shock a few people. You will notice. ”

Daniel Tictam is likely to form the 2021 lineup

Carlin also said he hopes Kakuda’s 2020 teammates Red Bull Junior Team’s Jehandalbara and Dantictam will form the F2 lineup next year.

Dalbara took the lead in the Bahrain test last month, but Williams protector Tictam was fourth overall after switching from race team DAMS this season.

For Dalbara, who represented the team at the F3 European Championship in 2017 and 2018, it was his fourth season in Carlin, and Tictam made his F3 debut with the team in 2016 and returned to the Macau Grand Prix in 2019.

“We haven’t signed anyone yet, but that’s our preferred lineup, given the next wind and details,” Carlin said. “They are certainly at the top of our list-I’m very happy to be able to go with both of them.

“We’ve known Dan for a long time. He’s a friend of the team anyway. We know his ups and downs and we really believe in him, so he has some stability and trust. I feel I can give you.

“Dan is a very good racer, so next year could be a good year for him, as there are effectively two reverse grid races over the weekend.

“So I think it’s in the hands of someone who can a) hold the position and b) configure the position. I’m confident that these two will be a very good lineup.”

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Yuki Tsunoda gives Guthrie “a run for his money” Yuki Tsunoda gives Guthrie “a run for his money”

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