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Who is Trevor?

BYU quarterback Zach Wilson performed a show at the Boca Raton Bowl on Monday night, throwing three touchdowns in the first half alone and rushing two more touchdowns as part of Central Florida’s 49-23 thrashing. ..

Wilson may have given hope to Jets fans after finishing 26 out of 34 games at 425 yards and being named an aggressive MVP and the team missing a chance. How to choose Clemson Stud Quarterback Trevor Lawrence It was ranked first in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Jets, Following the upset of Rams on Sunday, I’m going to pick it second, but even if Jaguar chooses Lawrence in the top selection, he might see a quarterback.

Wilson and Ohio State University star Justin Fields are considered top quarterback candidates after Lawrence.

Jets need to decide if it’s worth moving forward from Sam Darnold, who has been inconsistent and hindered by injuries since being selected in the third pick of the 2018 draft.

Wilson, a 21-year-old junior with a baby-faced Utah, entered a relatively unknown year, but shot a draft board after throwing 30 touchdown passes. This was seven more than he threw in the first two seasons, and only three intercepts during BYU’s ten. -1 Regular season.

His rise may reflect the rise of Joe Burrow, which Bengals chose for his first pick last spring, but Wilson also draws a comparison with another famous quarterback.

“I’m not saying he’s Patrick Mahomes, but what I’m saying is he’s acting like Patrick Mahomes,” Hall of Fame and BYU graduate Steve Young said last month at KNBR. I told the radio. “Similarly, there’s no throw he can’t do. He’s intuitive and really exists when he’s playing. Every week you’re awesome, I think this is something good.”

Wilson’s improvisational capabilities are not only compared to the capabilities of active MVP Mahomes, but also with mobility of 6 feet 3, 210 pounds, making today’s NFL team more valuable than ever. I am.

Wilson rushed eight touchdowns and 242 yards during the regular season.

He hasn’t officially declared a draft, but it would be surprising if Wilson stayed in school.

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Zach Wilson may just have given the hope of the Jets 2021 NFL draft Zach Wilson may just have given the hope of the Jets 2021 NFL draft

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