Zack Snyder shares images of the brutal Wonder Woman of the Crimean War

Wonder Woman with a severed head, uh, doesn’t look good!

Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot

Film director Zack Snyder I was able to get a glimpse of a very different kind of DC Universe through the photos featuring Gal GadotWonder Woman :: Check Note :: Amputated head During the Crimean War.Certainly, the filmmaker Patty Jenkins Her wonderful work was naturally praised for having her first work Wonder woman The movie, in that movie Is long The road to production full of tension and creative differences.

In fact, this Crimean War setting was first considered very seriously. Wonder woman It was a movie and was controversial among the creative team.Jenkins I talked a lot lately About her long journey to Helming Wonder womanNote, when she first joined the project in the early 2010s, the studio wanted to lead Wonder Woman in a very masculine direction.

Wonder Woman-Patty-Jenkins-Social

“They wanted to hire me like a beard. They wanted me to roam the set as a woman, but that was their story and their vision. And my thoughts? They were my script. I didn’t want to read. ” “I was distrustful of different ways and different perspectives, so when I first joined Wonder Woman, I was sure that I was like,’Hmm, yeah, I understand, but let’s try it.’ The way. “But I said,” Women don’t want to see it. She’s tough and tough and cuts people’s heads. That’s not. I’m a fan of Wonder Woman and we’re looking for It’s not something that exists. “Still, I could feel the unstable tension [on their part] In my view ”

Wonder Woman-1984-Patty-Jenkins-Gal-Gadot
Image via Warner Brothers.

There is a clear connection between Jenkins’ use of “cutting people’s heads” and this photo here.When Michelle MacLaren Hired by the director Wonder woman After Jenkins, she also clashed with the character’s creative vision, swirling with reports of a battle over the setting. Should the film be made during the Crimean War or World War I?McLaren never compromised with the studio, after all Leave the project in 2015At that point, Warner Bros. re-approached Jenkins and finally agreed to make her. Wonder woman Her way:

“Finally, that time has come [when Warners wanted me to make the film] And there was a moment when they wanted to tell a story I didn’t deserve, so I [left and] Said, “It can’t be me,” and they hired someone else [MacLaren] For a short time. I told him what kind of movie he wanted to make. “I don’t think this is a story to talk to with Wonder Woman,” I said, and I didn’t want to be the one to contend with it for years. ”

So while this photo may look like just a fun Easter egg, it’s actually a window to a very different path. Wonder woman And DCEU might have been advancing this murderous and brutal version of Wonder Woman that the studio was considering if Jenkins hadn’t been hired. And it’s great that Jenkins’ vision has won, as Wonder Woman’s compassion and morality make her so wonderful.

See the picture below.Originally Batman vs Superman Justice Birth Before Jenkins was hired Wonder woman Changed to World War I.

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Let’s be serious.

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Zack Snyder shares images of the brutal Wonder Woman of the Crimean War

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