Zack Snyder wants to make a director’s cut Suicide Squad

After years of fan campaigns Zack Snyder Justice League It will finally be seen in the world. After multiple re-shoots and countless re-edits, the film will be released in four parts. HBO Max To March 2021..The momentum from making Snyder cuts has moved to Suicide squad, The director is also interested in re-release.

Rumors David Ayerof Suicide squad Swirling around the internet for a while, the fan movement has gained an important supporter, Snyder himself.In a recent interview John Doe Movie ReviewSnyder shared that he was in favor of seeing the Ayercut bear fruit.

“I haven’t talked to David about it, but I’m sure he will. I know him well. Because of Covid, I was just overwhelmed, but it’s my of talking to him. It’s on the list, “Snyder said. “Similarly, I support all filmmakers who need to see a movie version or vision, because I have received such generous support, so to others as well. I want you to do the same. “

Throughout the year, Ayer became more vocal about the changes he wanted to see in his cut. Suicide squad..And There are many of them.. In short, he confirmed the story by making the Joker the main villain.so Twitter post Earlier this spring, Ayer was in his version Suicide squad It was “complex, beautiful and sad,” but “being beaten into a comedy.”

Hope Snyder can help push Ayer Cut In the right direction.If Zack Snyder Justice League Proven to be popular on HBO Max, it can also cause Warner Bros. Rethink giving Ayer the opportunity to get things right Suicide squad..

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Zack Snyder wants to make a director’s cut Suicide Squad

https://screencrush.com/zack-snyder-suicide-squad-directors-cut/ Zack Snyder wants to make a director’s cut Suicide Squad

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