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Doctors treating Alex Zanardi after his accident claim that the Italians are showing signs of recovery.

After the June accident, the Italians remaining in Padua’s hospital initially underwent four surgeries at Santa Maria Allscott Hospital in Siena before being transferred. He is currently undergoing neurosurgery at the University of Padua Hospital. Corriere della Sera, His condition is improving.

Initially in an artificial coma, Zanardi underwent extensive surgery to reconstruct his face and skull after a handbike accident on the stage of the Paralympic handbike “Ovietivo Tricolor” relay race. It is understood that the former F1 driver and two-time Champ Car Champion lost control of his handbike, capsized and crossed the path of an oncoming vehicle.

After showing signs of improvement, he was transferred to a Villa Beretta rehab facility near Lecco, at which point he was released from coma.

However, his condition soon began to deteriorate and he was transferred to the intensive care unit of San Raffaele Hospital near Milan, where he underwent further surgery due to “late complications from primary head trauma”. I did.

by Corriere della Sera, Zanardi can now shake hands on demand and raise his thumb in response to questions. Doctors say he was able to recognize his wife Daniela as well.

He remains unable to speak, but due to a tracheal hole left open by the doctor as a precautionary measure, he has restored sight and hearing.

Doctors are said to be confident that Zanardi will regain most of his brain function.

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Zanardi’s Condition Zanardi’s Condition

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