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Want to feel light or look like a Tentacool?

Online retailer Zavvi has unleashed a new range of Pokemon clothing with T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies featuring a variety of beloved Pokemon.

There are some pretty good options out there. Our personal favorites include the green Bulbasaur jumper, the fairly intense Kodak hoodie, and the Margikarpt shirt, which can cause a splash. Is Pokemon Pun Enough? Maybe time to give it a nosepass.

Anyway, you can find the best example of their collection just below, or check out the complete collection here.

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The whole range feels pretty retro, ensuring that old cartoon panels and simple white images don’t collide badly with others. Of course, this follows Zavvi’s similar Super Mario clothing line, so you may see similar outfits and collections in the future. Kirby? Rockman? Zelda? Sure, they can’t do Pokemon indefinitely, that would be strange. Well, it’s a little weird. strange.

Well, this will stop the puns. In particular, there are many other transactions. Check out the best deals on Nintendo and Switch Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday here Jelly deals Twitter To find out about all the great offers and bargains you see!


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