Zelda: Ocarina Beta Cartridge of Time Found in New Areas and Items

Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Wouldn’t it be better if you could become a navigator? (Photo: Twitter)

Early version of the N64 Classic Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been acquired by fans and contains some secrets never seen before.

Data miners have become a reliable source of modern rumors and new information, especially when it comes to games as service titles, but hacking games to find their secrets also works for retro games.

Many fan groups are dedicated to breaking down the history of the game, and now there are unexpected new sources of information. The early version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina was considered a Space World demo a year before the final game was released.

Early demos were found on an old development cartridge obtained by Illusion forest It’s a much older version of the game than the unfinished ROM that was part of. Giga Leak Last year – this is good because it also means that it was acquired by non-malicious means.

Fans are still looking into the details, but after overwriting F-ZERO X in preference, it seems to contain about half of the original beta ROM data, but unknowingly much of Zelda’s data. Is left.

This reveals not only different versions of familiar items and areas, but also all-new features that will never be the final game. Perhaps most important was the magical medal, which bestowed a powerful ability that was not part of the final design.

Soul medals allow you to transform into a fairy Navi and allow you to fly. The dark medal makes it invisible to the enemy, and the light medal allows you to use attacks that resemble an arrow of light.

There are also fire, ice and wind medals. The latter can be used to warp to different areas. Some medal abilities have been incorporated into the final game in different ways, and while the medallion is present in the final game, it does not give any special power and eventually shows that it has awakened a new sage. ..

We also found references to mine-style weapons that look like Mario Kart’s blue shells, and a version of Pegasus boots that can run faster in other Zelda games.

New areas of the game include Lon Lon Ranch and Zora’s Domain inns, as well as Gerudo bandits moving through the Hyrulefield at night instead of regular monsters.

The map of Overworld looks completely different, but the story structure has also changed in beta. Zelda investigated the Temple of Time in the Royal Library, and Link found a spiritual stone from the final version.

It sounds cool to be able to fly, but there’s no suggestion that any of these made Ocarina Of Time better, but about how the game was created and the design decisions Nintendo made along the way. A fascinating insight.

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Zelda: Ocarina Of Time beta cartridge discovered with new areas and items

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