Zelda Skyward Sword: How to Open the Eye Door Puzzle

Zelda is all about door-opening puzzles. But, Skyward Sword, The familiar classic adds a new twist.

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The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is of course built around motion control. So it’s no wonder that the classic Zelda puzzle element, the old door-opening eye, has a new shape here.

Traditionally in Zelda games, when you come across a locked door or a forbidden entrance with some eye attachments outside, you just strumming a slingshot or bow, shooting your eyes, and blinding yourself to open the door. is. There are many shooting targets in the Skyward Sword dungeon that have similar effects, but the most obvious eye puzzle features are slightly different.

How to open an eye door puzzle with Skyward Sword

You will come across one of these doors early in the first suitable dungeon of the Skyward Sword. Once Zelda’s instinct begins, he may shoot it with a recently obtained slingshot. But not! The eyes that lock the door simply flash and block the attack. To get through your eyes, you need to use the core gimmick of the game. Who guessed?

Basically, all you need to do to knock down your eyes is to stand in front of you and pull out your sword. Please do not attack. However, keep in mind that the eyes are drawn to the tip of the blade.

Anyone who has played Mario 64 with huge eyes will know what they need now. I’m dizzy. To do this, rotate the sword in a circular motion in front of you. This is the same whether you are using motion control or using the right stick to control the sword.

Continue until your eyes turn red. I get dizzy. Brutal. When your eyes disappear, you can enter the door it was protecting.

The door you encounter later may have multiple eyes. The approach is the same, but you need to think about how to approach everything. You will not be dizzy with just one eye. All eyes attached to a particular door should be dizzy at once.

That’s why positioning is important. Consider these positioning puzzles. You may need to move the blocks or adjust the posture of the room. Once all your eyes are focused on you and your sword, you can dizzy everything and open the door again.


Zelda Skyward Sword: how to open the eye door puzzles

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