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A few months ago, Marsback released a new gaming mouse called Zephyr Pro. This mouse has RGB lights and the most unique aspect is the fan built into the base. The idea is to help fans cool your hands and reduce sweat.

This is especially great for people like me who live in sweaty or very warm climates. Marsback kindly sent me a Zephyr Pro for review, so I wanted to convey my thoughts.You can buy your own Zephyr Pro from Marsback Save $ 59 if you order before September and another $ 10 if you use coupon code GEEKONLY at checkout. The technical specifications of Zephyr Pro are as follows:

  • specification

    • Physical specifications

      • Length: 131.0 ± 0.5mm

      • Width: 65.7 ± 0.5mm

      • Height: 40.50 ± 0.5mm

      • Weight: 69g (mouse only)

      • Cable length: 1.8m

    • Performance tracking

      • Sensor: PMW3389

      • Resolution: 100-16000 dpi

      • Maximum acceleration: 50G

      • Maximum speed: 400 IPS

      • Switch type (main): OMRON® mechanical rating 50 million clicks

      • Polling rate: 1000hz (1ms)

    • durability

    • Other features

      • Onboard memory: Adjustable dpi settings (up to 5 customizable files can be saved)

      • 16.8M RGB LED: 7 default lighting effects (more settings available via software)

      • Marsback Zephyr Pro Code: Soft elastic cable

      • Software support: Adjust RGB effects, DPI, macros, and other features

    • Requirements

      • Mouse: Windows, Mac, and Linux, with USB port

      • Software: Windows system

First, let’s talk about aesthetics. I think Zephyr Pro looks good. It’s very smooth, has a braided cable, and the lights look nice. The holes built into the casing also provide a cool aesthetic and make it a little more noticeable. While in use, you can’t see most of the lights because you cover them with your hands, but it’s fun to have. The holes in the casing help lighten the mouse and provide a pleasing look, but it also means that you need to make sure that dust is removed from the inside of the mouse and grease builds up. Means a smaller area for and is cumbersome to clean.

Now let’s talk about fans. I think this is a great feature. Fans are always spinning, but not always interesting. When your hands start to sweat, you tend to feel more. I’ve been holding a mouse for about a month and said that the holes mean a smaller space for cleaning, but I’m happy to report that there wasn’t much grease / oil buildup anywhere. Fans are the reason. I don’t have clear evidence and I’m sure it will eventually accumulate, but so far the situation looks good.

Zephyr Pro looks great and fans are better than I initially expected. It also has good performance. You can cycle up to 7 DPI settings. This allows you to customize your mouse for your favorite game and get the feel you want. The scroll wheel has a great tactile response that I like. Overall, the performance was great. Everything works fine.

If you’re really interested in customizing your mouse, there’s software that you can download when you run Windows to customize your lights and explore mouse settings such as DPI, double-click speed, and polling rate. The software is fairly easy to use and operate and is very convenient. My complaint is that there is no way to preview different light patterns. You need to press “Apply” before they take effect, so if you want to undo, you need to keep track of what you were using before.

After all, the Zephyr Pro was a very easy-to-use mouse. The lights are fun, the fans are functional and help me feel a little better about my mouse, and it doesn’t look ridiculous. My biggest complaint is that there are very few buttons. I’m used to having some additional buttons in the MMO I choose, but if you don’t depend on having more than 4 buttons, this is a great choice.

Zephyr Pro Gaming Mouse features fun with fans — GeekTyrant

https://geektyrant.com/news/review-the-zephyr-pro-gaming-mouse-features-fun-with-fans Zephyr Pro Gaming Mouse features fun with fans — GeekTyrant

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