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The UNI-Virtuosi driver took full advantage of the pole position on the reverse grid and won the controlled drive despite the comfort lead being wiped out by the safety car in the second half.

However, the Chinese driver made a perfect restart and became nervous in the last three laps, winning from his teammate Felipedragovich.

Williams Formula 1 test driver Roinissany took third place on the first F2 podium after Christian Lungard retired from second place due to mechanical problems early in the contest.

Championship leader Zhou led the field to St. Devote with a perfect escape from Paul when Alpine Academy companion Lungard jumped from 3rd to 2nd in Dragovic’s move.

There was a drama in Massenet when title candidate Robert Shwartzman squeezed the outer wall and broke his front wing in the process while 22 cars were successfully navigating St. Devote. Due to the damage, the Russians retired from the race.

Going back, yesterday’s qualifying session star Theo Pruscia was able to win two spots from 10th to 8th, ahead of Oscar Piercetri and Liam Lawson.

The top three soon began to break out of the field as Zhou opened a second gap in Runguard in a hot pursuit with Dragovic.

Zhou quickly bowed and widened the gap with Runguard as the top 10 remained unchanged by one-third of the race.

As the race approached the midpoint, Lundgaard began to recede from Zhou as smoke began to emerge from behind the ART. This allowed Zhou to enter a more comfortable 5-second lead.

This issue proved that Lungard retired from 2nd place on lap 14, finishing 2nd in Dragovic and 3rd in DAMS Nissany. Jehan Daruvala also placed in the important 10th place to secure pole position in Race 2.

The eight-second lead of the lap evaporates shortly after he found a wall in the pool and officially deployed a safety car with five laps remaining to restore Kampos of Gianluca Petekov.

Despite the interruption, Zhou did not appear to be in trouble as he won from Dragovic and Nissany.

Campos Racing’s Ralph Boschang scored the best F2 finish in 4th place ahead of the high-tech Grand Prix Yuri Vips and Carlin’s Dantictum, but Vips is investigating on suspicion of a safety car violation.

Marcus Armstrong defeated Dalbara in a drag race to take an important 10th place, and Pool Sher passed Piercetri and Lawson to return in 7th place.

Meanwhile, Jack Aitken, who returned to F2, finished in 16th place, despite admitting that he was physically struggling at HWA. His teammate Alessio Deleda, who was allowed to race despite violating the 107% rule in qualifying, finished the lap.

Manri Sato completed the retirementist after crashing at St. Devote on the penultimate lap.

Armstrong will start from the pole in Race 2 on Saturday morning at 06:20 GMT after finishing 10th.

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Zhou wins a comfortable victory and the drama hits Runguard Zhou wins a comfortable victory and the drama hits Runguard

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