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Zim will be the latest shipping company to enter the freight transport market

Ship4wd For SMEs in the US and Canada (SMB) Imports and exports from China, Vietnam and Israel.

The new digital freight company provides simple and direct solutions to SMEs as well as entrepreneurs around the world, based on ZIM’s extensive experience and deep knowledge of the shipping industry and a proven track record in digital transportation. To do.Freight transport – in an advanced way “One Stop Shop” Digitalplatform..

Digital services provided by Ship4wd It is based on a one-stop shop service that covers all aspects of the complex international transportation process. This allows customers with no cross-border transportation experience to manage their import and export business easily and efficiently with expert support through live chat 24/7 throughout the process.

NS Ship4wd The platform provides each customer with the best solution (the most economical or fastest option), depending on their tastes. The platform offering consists of both sea and air transport services to the final destination, including land and rail transport, and all relevant logistic services are backed by a variety of specialized vendors.

Led by Kermit the Frog-Glik, NS An entrepreneurial executive with extensive experience in digital transportation and global freight transportation solutions, Ship4wd It is located in Herzliya, one of Israel’s leading innovative startup hubs.

Eliyaf Glickman, ZIM President and CEO, Said: “As a leader in the accelerating digital trend in the shipping industry, we are launching an independent digital multifunction cargo forwarder in line with our strategy of leveraging our expertise to develop growth engines adjacent to our core business. Ship4wd Leverage core assets as a major global carrier with a unique customer-centric approach that provides end-to-end management of the entire logistic chain and a network of a wide range of vendors, including ZIM, to provide optimal digital solutions for the SMB segment. To do. The global need for digital services via personal mobile phones and tablets is growing, especially among small businesses, and Ship4wd is the ultimate solution.we Ship4wd Being a good team and meeting the coveted demand for services in the market, we can be an important player in the multi-billion dollar freight industry.

Asaftiran, ZIMVP Global Customer Service, He also leads digital innovation, Added: “All by simplifying and streamlining transportation to the essence of goods around the world, as other breakthrough platforms such as Airbnb in tourism and Uber in transportation have transformed the industry. We aim to make people self-sippers. A few clicks delivery solution.

Kermit the Frog-Glik, Ship4wd CEO, Added: “We believe it’s time for international shipping to be simple, easy and reliable for SMBs. Our commitment to constant reliability and support from industry professionals is a coveted solution when small businesses and entrepreneurs rely on relatively small quantities of cargo for ongoing business. Provide.

About ZIM

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. (NYSE: ZIM) is a global, low-asset container liner shipping company that occupies a leading position in the market in which it operates. Founded in Israel in 1945, ZIM is one of the oldest shipping companies with over 76 years of experience and is an innovative maritime company renowned for its industry-leading shipping times, schedule reliability and outstanding service. We provide transportation and logistics services to our customers.

About Ship4wd

Ship4wd is a best-in-class digital-first freight solution that provides small businesses with personal freedom, ease, and control to better manage their imports and exports. Ship4wd offers full end-to-end visibility and built-in flexibility to help your business progress and prosper.

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Zim will be the latest shipping company to enter the freight transport market Zim will be the latest shipping company to enter the freight transport market

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