6 mins ago

    Really important: three things I noticed when I lost my grandmother

    “We forget what we want to remember, we remember what we want to forget.” ~…
    9 mins ago

    Daily Deal: Funimation Anime Sale on Amazon, Nintendo eShop Card Discounts, etc.

    This Sunday brought some great deals, and we laid out the best for you. Amazon…
    11 mins ago

    What’s New in Disney Plus August 2021: New Movies and TV Shows

    Disney Plus was launched last year using most of Disney’s back catalog, but the platform…
    13 mins ago

    Keep Jurassic World Evolution 2 Scientists Happy or Suffering from “Disastrous Results”

    There is no release date yet, Jurassic World Evolution 2 will be released for PC…
      19 mins ago

      Imagine fans living in MCU, #IfIWereInTheMarvelUniverse Trends on Twitter

      #IfIWereInTheMarvelUniverse is trending on Twitter as it shares cheerful and heartwarming posts about what users would do if they lived…
      1 hour ago

      Bad batch: why the crosshairs don’t kill hunters

      While the hunter was captured by the Empire in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 14, Crosshair probably won’t kill…
      1 hour ago

      Everything that comes to Peacock in August 2021 — GeekTyrant

      We are in a new month, which means new content on the streaming platform. Peacock has published a list of…
      3 hours ago

      12 Best Musicals of the 1960s, Ranking

      Beyond the golden age of Hollywood in the 1930s, the 1960s were the most fertile decade for high-quality film musicals.…
      4 hours ago

      Secre Swallowtail Nero Bird Form, Description

      In the magical world of Black Clover, you can do anything, including transforming into a bird. This is what Nero,…
      4 hours ago

      Photo of Norway Homeset reveals Doctor Strange and Spider-Man in the sanctuary

      Spider-Man: No Way Home Although it will be available in just a few months, the trailer for Sleek El is…
      5 hours ago

      Jungle Cruise takes over weekend box office with $ 34.1M

      Disney Jungle cruise We set sail beyond the box office this weekend and won the number one spot. The film,…
      5 hours ago

      Watch at Home: Top Streaming Movies for the Week of July 29

      Hey, couch potato companion! Anger of a man Continued domination this week Top 20 DEG I saw at home List…
      5 hours ago

      Robert Pattinson is reportedly dissatisfied with DC using multiple versions of Batman

      There has never been a live-action film Batman It’s expected to change dramatically next year when Robert Pattinson debuts as…
      6 hours ago

      Why Killer Croc didn’t come back to the sequel

      Suicide Squad, the sequel to James Gunn’s DCEU, revived some characters from the first movie, but Killer Croc wasn’t one…

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